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What People Are Saying

Distributed Data Is Completely Broken:
Here's Why

In 2005 there were

data breaches

By 2017 the number jumps to

data breaches


7.8 Billion

records exposed

The $6B Race To Destroy User Privacy

The Googles and Amazons of the world are in furious competition to monopolize user data and create the world's most centralized data storage exchange.

This centralization is costing users custody over their data.

Hacked: Dropbox, Amazon, And Facebook

2017 had over 1,300 data breaches. Storing your data on third-party servers is not secure. Period. Companies holding it don’t have the incentive to ensure the level of protection you need - and they’re big targets.

As long as there is a centralized repository kept by one company, and one common point of failure, your data is at risk.

The Growing Trend Of Compromising With Privacy

More and more, technologies like the IoT and draconian terms-of-service agreements demand we give up ownership of our data to use modern technologies.

The alternative of near-complete isolation isn't attractive or realistic for the vast majority of the world.

A Team Of Distributed Exchange Developers With A Track Record

AXEL has millions of users across 50+ countries that actively store, transfer, and move data at scale. With a 5+ year history in scaling decentralized technology, and over 100 team members, AXEL is uniquely suited to solve one of the biggest problems of the digital age.

A Team Of Distributed Exchange Developers With A Track Record

The AXEL Network

Privacy Without Anonymity

A unique dual-chain structure allows individuals on the chain to maintain their privacy while establishing trust.

The private chain records and secures personal user data, while a broader public chain provides verification.

Our random ad-hoc consensus method also limits data exposure and lowers user visibility.

Detail-Free Reputation

The AXEL Blockchain adds confidence to first-time transactions without publicity. Users (and services) on the chain will have public standings showing earned reputability.

Positive actions add repute while bad actors sink to the bottom. Users will be able to leverage collective experience without allowing scrutiny.

Personal Unification - Public Decentralization

Our patented TackApp technology allows people to unify their entire file ecosystems without the cloud.

No giving away data. No concurrent copies.

Integration with the AXEL Blockchain will ensure users can easily access and utilize all their information without allowing in outside actors.

The Future Of Private Transaction

Scalable + Accessible + Secure

Scalable + Accessible + Secure

Data Centers

Data centers all over the world are ready and able to participate in a new distributed blockchain that allows users to truly own their data while participating in a connected future.

Getting AXEL's

Users will be able to easily rent out their excess storage space and processing power and act as witnesses to the network for tokens.

Fully Protected

Our network, combined with our on-device apps, ensures that data is unique, removable, and bypasses vulnerable one-point-of-failure systems. A small digital footprint minimizes risk.

Our Technology

Our Technology

Dual-Chain Architecture

The AXEL Blockchain utilizes a unique dual-chain structure that lets users build authority without the usual exposure. A private chain stores personal details, while, in parallel, the public chain delivers iron-clad verification by providing the "big picture" view to the greater network.

"Witness Pool" Ad-Hoc Consensus

Transactions are processed by a small group of random participants, rather than being run through the entire network. 51% exploits become difficult, as no one knows which nodes are participating. It'll be far faster than standard architectures - with a leaner profile.

Weighted Reputation System

Our network celebrates positive participants and punishes bad actors - without compromising privacy. Users can flag (and reward) one another. Services on the chain will also affect repute. Anyone can transact with relative unknowns in full awareness.

TackApp Unification

AXEL's patented TackApp technology lets users unify their file ecosystems with anywhere, anytime access - without requiring them to store their files on a centralized server. There are no size limits or restrictions on what they can share or monetize.

How It Works

Here's How We Plan For Users To Get & Spend AXEL Tokens

Here's How We Plan For Users To Get & Spend AXEL Tokens

Historical & Planned Development Timeline


  • Launch of CloudLocker decentralized storage device.


  • Multi-Factor Authenticated Sharing on file transfers.


  • Launch of desktop TackApp.


  • Launch of mobile TackApp.

Q2 2018

  • Release of new user experience and interface on all applications.

Q3 2018

  • Launch of AXEL Pay.

Q4 2018

  • AXEL Token release on ERC20 and launch of Privacy Share.
  • Beta version of the AXEL Exchange with search function.

Q4 2019

  • Beta version of the AXEL Blockchain.
  • Start of one-to-one token exchange for migration to the new AXEL Token.

Q3 2020

  • Full deployment of the AXEL Blockchain.

Q4 2020

  • Completion of one-to-one token exchange for migration to the new AXEL Token.

The Team

Tony Tan

CEO & Chairman

Michael Conn

Chief Strategy Officer

Ben Ow

CTO & President

Bruce Macdonald

Chief Blockchain Architect

Jeremy Forsberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Dave Kaplan

General Counsel

Rick Stiles

VP, Product Development

Jeff Maher

VP, Communications

Diane Zhang

VP, Finance

Dmitry Kogosov

VP, Operations

Dmytro Ashkinazi

Director, European Operations

The AXEL Exchange Will Be The Blockchain's Flagship Native App

The centralization of control in the hands of content platforms has locked millions out of the digital economy. The AXEL Exchange will be the first DApp on the network.

Getting Rid Of Middlemen (And Their Fees)

The AXEL Blockchain will demonstrate its utility by helping the AXEL Exchange transform paid content - one of the most centralized and unbalanced industries out there.

P2P Transactions Without The Compromise

The AXEL Exchange will give creators the visibility and ease of platforms - without the loss of control. Sellers can completely customize their pricing and business models - and keep 95% of every sale.

Millions Of People Already Use AXEL – The App That Will Catalyze The Exchange

AXEL is a multi-platform app that makes files easy. Share, stream, or transfer them between your devices.

It also links together all your content across computers, phones, and tablets - giving you just one place to access and do everything.

It's not an idea, a proof-of-concept, or in beta. It's live. You can download it RIGHT NOW for desktop, iOS, Android. It's grown by over 31,250% and millions of users in just 12 months... and we're only getting started.

Our AXEL community will become the foundation of that exchange that's going to change everything.

A Team Of Distributed Exchange Developers With A Track Record

The $600 Billion Digital Content Market Desperately Needs A Better Way

Digital content is huge, projected to hit $1 trillion within the decade. Think for a moment of how many digital products, how many services, are exchanged and paid for online daily.

Pictures. Music. eBooks. Contracts. Videos. Programs. Games.

And yet consider how BADLY it works. There's no standard method of selling products or services online. Everyone uses different storefronts. No standard payment system.

Worse, all these "middlemen" have their own rules. You break any of them, even by accident? You're banned forever. That's AFTER they rob you by requiring outrageous fees, sometimes 90% or more.

That's why the AXEL Exchange is a big deal.

The Unique Benefits Will Attract A Dynamic Group Of People To Build The Exchange

Join Us On Our Mission